Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Crew in NYC

I work with between 3 and 6 people on any given time on the project I am doing in NYC (Crazy Suzanne and the occassional Diane are missing from this photo). We work, we go to lunch, we talk about life. I know that one of the attorneys likes Kate Beckinstall (accidently mispronouced all day). I invited him to join me on one of my insane celebrity stalking missions. Kate Beckinsale will be at Letterman I said, if we don't see her there we can go to MTV's TRL, or hang outside her hotel The Ritz. We leave work a little later than I like and quickly walk the 12 blocks to Letterman. There's already a large crowd of testostorone Kate hungry guys waiting, most holding plastic bags or fed-ex envelopes containing pictures of their trophy girl. Some are fans, but most are professional autograzzi's who will receive between $20 - $30 for each photo they get signed and sell to the various agencies who will turn around and sell them to the fans. (At least we know most of the signed photos sold on Ebay are for real) After waiting about 15 mins in the cold, Darin is anxious, and states he can't believe these (mouths losers, [wait I'm a loser too]) guys run around the City to obtain these signatures, and he points to the paparrazi across the way grouping them with the other loosers which he now verbalizes. Obviously he is not experiencing the rush of excitement that I am feeling. I thought hmm I have to deal with these losers on a daily basis let me put some space between Darin and me, I abandon him and cross over to the dark side where the paparzzi hang (their story is a least a couple pages long that I must tell at another time.) Another 10 minutes and Kate finally exits the stage door.

The autograzzi are pigs with their pictures sometimes getting five signed at a time. Kate poses for the Paparazzi. Most are freelancers who are represented by agencies or sell to Stock companies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyday I anticipate your sister Tracy sending me 'forwards' of your stalkings. You are just so much fun and interesting. I am glad you now have a blog so I can log on directly. I think you are a great writer too. Your stories/captions that accompany your pictures equal your superb photography. As I always tell Tracy "IT'S GOOD TO BE HUGHE!" Thanks, Dorothy

1/19/2006 9:52 PM  
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