Saturday, April 01, 2006

Letterman Stage door sightings Week of 3/27/06

After 3 autographs, the autograzzi's got out of hand and rushed forward. Sharon Stone jumped in her SUV and escaped.

Josh Hartnett sign for a few people and posed for a few photos. No Scarlett Sightings. Lead singer from the Yeah Yeah's ( The paparrazzi's were PO'd that she didn't look their way)

I waited for Liza for over 90 Minutes. She didn't sign, she didn't pose. She said she was in a hurry and then sat in her SUV for 15 minutes until her publicist and assistant came out. When she opened the door a huge puff of cigarette smoke billowed out. It wasn't lost on me that next to Letterman's studio is the famed (and defunct) Studio 54 where Liza learned to party in the 70s.


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