Monday, April 03, 2006

Robin Williams was about as Friendly as They Come

Yes I actually hung outside of a hotel (A Trump hotel) because I heard one of my Favorite stars was staying there and he would pose for a photo. Robin Williams was in town filming "Night at the Museum" in what seems to be a similar story to Jumanji, where the animals now are coming alive at the Museum of Natural History. Robin plays Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, and by some kind of osmosis the animals at the museum come alive and run into Central Park. It wasn't long for me to see my first celebrity sighting: Who did I see first, but Marla Maples staying at a Trump Hotel. I guess they are on friendly basis. She did have her daughter Tiffany with her. A cute little tyke. After an hour sure enough Robin Williams returned from his dinner (those paparazzi sure have the celebs schedule down pat) Robin Williams and Me. He was super nice. Chatted with us for about 5 minutes, was funny, and made sure we got all the photos we wanted of him. I stayed around a few more hours and shot photos of Bruce Willis, Aiesha Taylor, that religious guy, hmm Joel something and his family (he posed for the paparazzi) and then about 12 Midnite Robin Williams exited the hotel, in his camaflouge coat, and went out for coffee, he said.


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