Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mariah Carrey hot tamale in the morning

Sure I have seen Mariah before, and I try not to shoot the same celebrity too many times as I swear I want to keep my stalking under some constraints, but it's Mariah and everytime she shows up anywhere it's like a new DivaStar. So today was no difference after I dragged myself down to the Today Show Plaza hoping to catch a mini Mariah concert. Much to my surprise, and I am sure to some of her other stalkers Mimi was just there to promote her upcoming concert tour. Bummer. Oh well I was excited to capture her soul a few minutes after she left the plaza and headed towards her black Mercedes Limo. Mariah is nothing but grateful for her fans. As I stood near the stage door I recognized many of Mimi's fans. Suprisingly calm as the diva exited and posed for the photographers. Just then one fan broke the ranks and ran until Ms. Carey, handing the camera to her security guard. After a snap of the picture, MC jumped in the car and ended up just signing for a few male fans, including one guy with a pink guitar, who no doubtably immediately put on Ebay for the highest bidder. The body guard tells us one picture. Mariah gave us at least 3 different poses. The fan approaches, the security guard is alert Mimi is kind enough to pose, but the girl has ruined it for everyone else as Mimi is rushed into her car. Her fans confused, waiting to see what Mimi will do next.She beckons over the kid(dealer) with the pink guitar and then she was off.
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