Monday, June 12, 2006

A Few Tony Winners

The afterparty for was held across the street at the Rockefellar Plaza Resturaunt. The Tony winners took thier photos in the NBC studios before arriving at the party through an underground tunnel. That was interesting as the show was produced by CBS. Several of the shows had their own parties and only a handful of their people went to both events. Oprah went to the Color Purple Party and skipped this one. Patti Lupone was no where to be found. The other interesting thing to note is that these men near the flag pole perform a ceremony where they take down the American flag that is currently flying and put up a new American flag in its place. I wonder if they do it every night for every pole like they did last night? John Lloyd Young, winner of Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical for “Jersey Boys” Greg Barnes Best Costumes - Musical. Poses for a photo and allows a fan to hold his Tony. Felicia Fields should have won for best supporting actress in the Musical for the Color Purple. Francis De La Tour enjoying her Tony and her cigarette on a NYC sidewalk. She beat out another Dame, Zoe Wanamaker, who I saw posing with her fans and keeping that good ole British stiff upper lip. I think the two gals are wearing similar outfits. Christian Hoff, winner of Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical for “Jersey Boys” and his wife and her womb, which he mentioned in his acceptence speech. LaChaze, I would call her the UPSET of the Night. She was good, but I was hoping for a Patti Lupone win. Love Oprah, but this has payback all over it. My friend David and his friend Lee went to the Tony's and then went to the Gala afterwards. He's recently founded a Tap Dancing studio in Philadelphia, Tapography!! He's also the one responsible for me becoming an Obsessed LIZA FAN, as David brought me to my first LIZA concert back in 1993, plus he brought me to my first CD signing the following year, it was a LIZA event in NYC, and then another time we stalked and he talked to Liza's then boyfriend (Billy Stritch) at the Russian Tea Room, eventually he got a PR position with LIZA. The gift bag was far superior than anyone I received. There was London coffee, candy, eye pluckers, lipstick, British liquor, Toffee, a book "High School Musical", Green Tea, M&M's, Eye Liner, a $15 Visa Gift Card, Home Depot Coupon, Ruby Red Lipstick, Shampoo, Espresso Dipped Beans, Note Pads, Pretzels, Change Purse, Ex-Lax, Bottled Water, Altoids, CD Jersey Boys, Pen Set, Tea Cookies, and I'm so jealous my of my favorite eateries "The Peanut Butter Store Cookbook"
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