Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tonight Hillary had a fundraiser and invited the one person who could have really helped Al Gore win in 2000

I got a tip that Hilary was having a fund raiser at Capitale which is a resturaunt on the edge of Chinatown in the Bowery. It's always a given that events like this won't be crowded with dealers or paparazzi because most of them are too lazy to go "Downtown" for a celebrity event unless it's a given that they would be getting a few of them at once. Plus this event only cost $100 a ticket, so the heavy hitters were not going to be there, or so they thought as I did see famed celeb chef Mario Batali. When my friend Simon and I first arrived we stationed ourselves by the front door where there were a few limos. After two kids who barely shaved got into the longest limo, and then a few bums sauntered by asking for money, I realized that there was a good chance Bill and Hill would not be exiting through the front door. I looked for another exit and walked around the building; of course there's a back door, always remember there's always a back door, I mean really do you really want to see your celebs going out the same door as the shlubs who just paid 100 bucks to take a picture with you, the guest of honor. I remember once after getting Liza Minnelli's photograph (at the back door of the Pierre Hotel), we both ended up walking towards the corner of 5th ave, she was looking for someone to give her a light for her cigarette, and I was floating towards home. It was an odd feeling for me as I had just poured my heart out to her showering her with adjectives like "you are the best thing since sliced bread", "you are beautiful", "I have seen you in concert 6 times", I have all your CD's (ok I probably said albums), etc., After a few moments of oddness while we walked side by side, I hung back a few steps and allowed her and her date (Prince Michael of Spain) to persue the search without my company. Ok back to Bill. Simon and I waited in anticipation across the street from the back door, across from where the black SUV's carrying a few Secret Service Agents were waiting for Bill & Hill to exit the fundraiser. I made sure the Secret Service knew I was there for just a photograph, and not something insidious, so I did a few test shots of the trash and the fine ambiance of Elizabeth Street.The time arrived and Bill, sans Hillary, exited through the back door of the Capitale. I wish I had crossed the street a litte sooner, but those Secret Service guys were a tad intimidating and resulting in my photo being a bit disapointing. Lucky for me The former President was in the mood for a walk, motioning his SUV to follow him as he walked down Elizabeth Street. After awhile I got up the courage to cross the street and kinda in a weak voice asked him for a photo. He kinda waved, and then his SS agent told me to back off. Like the good Catholic School Boy I complied.I watched as Bill faded into the background as he continued his walk down Elizabeth Street with his Secret Service guys and black SUV trailing him. Here Bill is about a block away from me, at which point I remembered, "damn I am a recovering Catholic I don't care what that guy said, I want a photo of the greatest president this country has ever had." As I walked/ran to catch up with Bill, he traveled into a section of the Bowery/LES where there is a smattering of bars and resturaunts. As Mr. Clinton passed a few places you could hear the crowd shriek with joy and disbelief. Others came out of the bars and resturaunts to catch the back of his head as he continued his trek up Elizabeth Street (Although the fashionable crowd at Public barely looked up from their New Zealand snapper and prawns.) Eventually I caught up to the President at Houston St. and as luck would have it he had to stop for a red light. I wanted to ask him so many things, but somehow I heard myself saying is there a chance there would be a Clinton in the White House in 2008, finally spitting out, "Would you run again?" He said with a dismissive tone that he wouldn't run again. Then his Secret Service guy, the one who's Blackberry is in the foreground told us "boys" to run along. The light seemed to take forever, and at which point Bill and his posse jumped in the trailing SUV and made a left on Houston towards Broadway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

woah - bill is looking rather svelt these days! great shots, hughie - you had great luck getting those...without getting manhandled! hahaha

7/27/2006 9:16 AM  
Blogger Miss Kitty said...

even i love bill clinton and i'm canadian! i think he was definitely america's best president.

7/27/2006 6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8/09/2006 8:47 PM  

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