Friday, July 21, 2006

The Uma Thurman Appreciation Page

When I moved to NYC last August I lived near Union Square. One morning while walking to work through the farmers market I happen to see the tall slender exiotically hot Uma Thurman walking with her boyfriend drinking a cup of coffee. Since I wanted to fit in to my new environ I did what I heard most New Yorker's would do and ignored the Pulp Fiction star purposely trying to forget the fact that I had a camera in my pocket that was itching to come out while screaming like mad inside my head because the beautiful, tall, slender Poison Ivy was in my relm of reality. Of course ever since that day I yearned for another opportunity to run into Kill Bill at a celebrity event to obtain her photo. This past week she has been doing a lot of PR on the talk show circuit for her new movie Super Ex-Boyfriend. I caught up with her at a few places. Sure I followed her around yesterday, but last week was her premiere at Chelsea West and I chose to skip it as it rained. What a mistake Quinten Tarintino was there. I can't wait til he comes to town to promote something. Wednesday night at David Letterman. This was her 2nd time on the show since the Uma/Oprah "feud" ended earlier this year. I think Uma looks fabulous in her dressy evening outfit. I watched the show and she was a real trooper participating in one of Dave's silly tricks which on this night was catching a hard boil egg in her mouth. She's very talented with her mouth as almost caught it on the first try. The crowds were enormous as you can see, the professional dealers overwhelmed her with the items they wanted signed. She did her best, but quickly jumped in her black SUV to leave before having a chance to sign for her real fans...Thursday morning Good Morning America. Hmm I hate to say it, but not looking so great at 8AMThanks Ulla for that great pose, damn that MF'er in behind me who also wanted this photo and surged forward causing the pix to be a little out of focus. After this the Be Cool star went to Regis & Kelly, then in the afternoon to TRL but as luck would have it I had to work. Emma Peel leaving the taping of the Conan O'Brien Show. Poor Mia Wallace must have been exhausted, she couldn't even lift her head for a photo, but she was nice enough to sign for the blood sucking aggressive dealers who were there. Although I didn't get one of those superstar poses I would have like, I am throughly satisfied with the photos I took and my day spent with Dr. Rachel Porter from the movie Paycheck and it was a marked improvement over not getting the photo of her at Union Square last August and the photo I took of Ulla in December at the premiere of the movie The Producers.


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