Thursday, July 20, 2006

Victoria Secrets Pajama Party with Ashley Simpson

I had an invite to this party but decided to just hang near the VIP entrance to try and get a photo of Luke & Owne Wilson, Jessica Simpson, Jesse Metcalf and the entertainment for the night Ashley Simpson. Only Ashley and Jesse showed up, along with 1000 patrons, 500 of them left when Ashley started singing including Jesse Metcalf who only spent about 10 minutes at the party. I think he just wanted to walk the Red, er I mean Pink Carpet to either promote his movie or fight off those gay rumors that have dogging him for months. Jesse Metcalf from Desparate Housewives Daniel Sunjata from Rescue Me, Law & Order 2001 - 2004, The Devil Wears Prada and won a Tony for Take Me out in 2003. Super nice to the fans. That little white dot under V is ashley simpson with her new nose she won't talk about.Fireworks after the show. Leven Rambin - Lily from my fav soap - All My children. This girl is one of those girls that will go to the opening of an envelope. I have seen on the Red Carpet at every event I have gone to since January. She seems sweet, but I haven't recognize her soon enough to get her photo or chat her up.

Ashley (& Sports Illustrated model May Andersen) leaves without even a wave to her fans. Shortly after this picture the window went up and Ashley and her new nose returned to the Ritz Hotel to rest for her concerts this weekend. She was probably disappointed that her sister Jessica didn't show up, especially since we know Jess is in town promoting her new CD. I do believe that Ashley could become the new Star Jones if she doesn't fess up about that nose job. Sure she is much hotter now, but it's not like she could rest on any talent laurels besides being a hotty. When she began to sing, there was actually a breeze caused by the stream of guests leaving the venue. I even overheard one guest complain that she thought her ears were bleeding after listening to Ashley sing.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler would have been on Hughie's wonders, but how many times can I get her photo. She shows up to more events than Levan and has already been on these pages more than almost anyone else. I think I will impose a ban on her unless she shows up with a new nose or something.

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