Friday, August 04, 2006

I don't have any desire to see this movie with Nicolas Cage

I was interviewed by the someone from the Foreign Press (hmm I wonder if it someone that votes in the Golden Globes) I told her I wouldn't be seeing this film, and would be surprised if many New Yorkers or even people who live in the Northeast section of the US would see this film. UPDATE the article appeared on the Drudge Report New Yorkers shy away from Stone's September 11 film... Oliver Stone Maria Bello Stephen Dorf (?) why so grey at age 34When is Maggie Gyllenhaal going to have her baby. She's been pregnant forever!! She's even pregnant in the film. The Alien has landed. He is a far cry from the Moonstruck days. He had so much foundation on I could have spelled my name across his forhead. Otherwise he was nice and shook hands with the fans. Hmm Sting and Trudie. I'm thinking that's not a six pack Sting is sporting.
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