Friday, September 15, 2006

Fashion Week is winding down, just Gwen Stefani and Bono's Wife shows left...

Oh sure I said I would go home because of the rain, but I ended up at the tents and got a few good shots. Well actually I went to an event before this one. Robert Cavelli's after party at his store. No one but very wealthy socialites were there. I made it back to the tents in time for the start of Zac Posen's show, and a rain shower. Several people went in the front doors, but the following people went in the back door. Singer Amarie Oh god how many times can I see this girl this week, Emily Rossun First time to see Diddy, although I think he was just successfully sued that barred him from using the Diddy name. A model leaves while having the NYC dinner. A cigarette. If it wasn't so late, 3AM, I would post the rest of the shots from this night. But I gotta work in the morning. Over the weekend I will post more photos and stories of my eventful week.


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