Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Earlier this year during the Fall 2006 NYC Fashion Show held in February, I made a prediction that came true. I got tickets to the Spring 2007 HEATHERETTE fashion show!!! HEATHERETTE front row - These are the best seats which are at the end of the runway. From the right IMG Fashion’s Fern Mallis, Fiola Hughes, and Beth Ostrosky (Howard Stern's girlfriend) and a bunch of guys.

The show was an hour late: Beth Ostrosky and a bored Anna Devanne, I mean Fiola Hughes Front Row - Brandon Davis (orange shirt), Mrs. Ann Slater grey hair shiny jacket Madonna's friend - Ingrid Casares and Mrs. Billy Joel The eclectic crowd, sometimes of which reminds me of the crowd featured in the Rocky Horror Picture Show...which included Justin Timberlake, Trevor Barker, & Brandy. Walking the Cat Walk was #1 Socialite Lydia Hearst, Nicky Hilton; Singers Mya, Kelis, Paris Hilton, Actress Mena Suvari and Porn Star Johnny Hazzard.

MYA Nicky Hilton wearing Heatherette Spring 2007 Tutu wearing model Amanda Lepore wearing Heatherette Spring 2007Kelis (my Milkshake brings all the boys, she is a SWEETHEART, having met her more than once this week) wearing Heatherette Spring 2007 Paris Hilton and model wearing Heatherette Spring 2007 (it's a wedding scene) (Front Row in the dark, still, Oksana Baiul and her sister Snow.) Every night before I go to bed I like to read the Fugly Girls commentary, it is hilarious and informative: I think they should write about these two, Oksana Baiul and her sister Snow.

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