Thursday, September 07, 2006

VIVA Glam II after the party was over Shots

Fashion week kicks off. There were several events going on last night with only 2 events with listed celebs. One was the Elton John private concert for Conde Nast employees and friends, the other was VIVA Glam Mac Cosmetics. I had read in the paper that the VIVA Glam thing was going to be an intimate dinner with new spokespeople Lisa Marie Presley, Dita, Eve and Debbie Harry. At lunch I checked the photo wires and I saw that everyone showed up except for Blondie. Hmm I have a good chance at getting Lisa Marie, will I get close enough to ask her about MJ, did they really sleep together? I chosed the right party, as I checked the wires today and see only a few celebs showed at Elton's and most of them came to VIVA afterwards, it's interesting how that works. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the security kept me across the street and I had to shoot with my long lense. I decided that since I wanted to get Dita and Lisa Marie I needed to wait til the end of the party when they would collect their cars. After 3 hrs for I finally got some great close up photos, but not of Lisa Marie Presley, she slipped out through the kitchen exit up the street and it just wasnt worth the bother to try and get a better shot of her. Desperate Housewives newcomer and former Sex in the City husband of Charlotte - Kyle Mclaughlin. I didn't even see him go in.Former model Carol Alt who's been in over 40 TV movies!! At 46 she still looks hot!! Who is this? Definitely a model and I knew her name last night, but after 3.5 hrs sleep I can't recall it. FORMER "Laguna Beach" star Kristin Cavalleri will do anything to keep her 15 minutes of fame going. After her ex, Brody Jenner, ditched her for Nicole Richie, Cavalleri made sure paparazzi snapped her in a "You Can Have Him" T-shirt. Here's Kristin enjoying a smoking break with Marcus Schenberg. He is way too D List for her to hook up with, although after the party I did see he got into Carol Alts car as they were all going to a club for drinks and dancing. Emmy Rossum has appeared in 20 different operas singing in five languages, besides starring in the movies "A Day After Tomorrow" and "Phantom of the Opera". Last night she said she is working on a CD in the genre of a David Gray style. Dita Von Teese (aka Mrs. Marilyn Manson) sweet as can be. Put her gift bag in her car and came back to talk to us and pose for photos. Lil Kim HOTTT HOTTT HOTTT and tiny. Also put her things away and then posed with us and chatted a bit. Super sweet. Miss Amanda Lepore arrived in the late 1980's, a Blonde Venus with Jayne Mansfield's camp sexuality, Marilyn's breathless delivery, and Gypsy Rose Lee's wardrobe of rhinestones and plunging-neckline gowns. She has glittered in various night settings throughout the Nineties, scenes as varied as Disco 2000, Jackie 60, Beige, and Buckingham. As a spokesmodel and cover girl, Amanda's future seems luminous -a recent David LaChapelle designed Swatch bearing her image was an immediate sell-out and she also has a perfume line. After many years at the Patricia Field makeup counter on 8th Street, she now works more than fulltime as a living Work Of Art. We can't think of anyone who we'd rather consult about all things beautiful. When I lived near the East Village I often saw Amanda walking around the neighborhood. I was glad to finally get this picture of her at an event.


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