Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another Stunt Casting at Chicago - USHER

A few months back I wrote about Rita Wilson in Chicago. She was great, Tom Hanks show up and it boosted sales, but not like the latest stunt casting - USHER. I went to his premiere a few weeks back, but didn't stay for his exit at the end of the show. Tonight I finally caught up with him. WOW the crowds at the door were almost as overwhelming as the Julia Roberts debut on Broadway earlier this spring. At the premiere little Usher's brother and mother were there... Rosie Perez made an appearance. You can always tell where the paparazzi is located when Rosie is around, she looks like this. God forbid she ever pose or sign for a fan, she often just makes a face and beelines for the door. Gayle King, I love Gayle almost more than Oprah. I would have to say in my life I have seen Gayle and shot her 2nd to Matthew Broderick. I swear last week she recognized me. I have had had at least 4 conversations with her in the last year. Anyway here is Gayle with her two kids. Tonight I scheduled my life around making it to the stage door to see Usher. He finishes his run 10/15/06. The crowd was very large, and most seemed to have never seen a celebrity before. I have bruises from the unruly crowds, and that was just from the guys. The girls were screaming Usher, Usher, then after a fleeting glance broke down in tears. It was bizare, but then Simon reminded me that I was just like that last year, but now I must be jaded - LOL Tomorrow night I will see Babs in Philly, so until Thursday, which is the Chorus Line opening on Broadway with hopefully lots of celebs!! (How many people think that's an Orb above Usher's head?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROSIE PEREZ!! Great find, Hughie! I love Rosie!

10/04/2006 5:15 PM  

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