Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bette Midler's Hullaween cont'd

Pictured below is Dana Delaney remember when she was the hot number from China Beach. A few weeks back I ran into her at the Departed after party, I asked to take her picture and she was like I am so not as exciting as Jack Nicholson or Matt Damon so save your film. I said I do digital and then she gave me a nice smile. Martha Stewart - Dressed as a rat, er mouse. Actually I had always heard she was tough to get. She was really sweet and started swinging her tail for me. Shalom Harlow - How to Loose a guy in 10 Days, Vanilla Sky, In & Out. I had no idea who she was, I liked her costume and asked for a photo, she obliged. Later I saw her picture on the photo wire and had an AH ha moment. Another one I didn't realize who this was especially since she seems to be going as herself in a hot little dress. Margaret Cho and a girl dressed as a guy. Posted by Picasa
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