Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Pet Shop Boys - Again left to my Own Devices

I get out of bed at half past ten Phone up a friend, who's a party animal Turn on the news and drink some tea Maybe if youre with me well do some shopping Turn off the tv, look at a book Pick up the phone, fix some food Maybe Ill sit up all night and day Waiting for the minute I hear you sayI could leave you, say goodbye Or I could love you, if I try And I could And left to my own devices, I probably would - Left to my own Devices was a song I could really relate to back in the Eighties when I first came onto the scene. My life was chaotic, no one could count on me and I loved living that way, but it drove my friends crazy. The Pet Shop Boys were the BAND of the Eighties specifically the 1987 years and it was back then that I saw them last in concert as the touring times never jelled with mine. Last night that all changed and I saw them again, in NYC, at Radio City Music Hall - WOW just those words alone carry the cache of a monumental event. The concert was great; it was like seeing old friends again, in fact I had dinner with an old friend from Philly, and a few new friends too, anyway I digress. If there was a disappointment, it was that I was too damn cheap and bought my tickets too far back (I had just purchased the Babs tickets the day before), and they didn't play New York City Boy, which I really love especially since I live on 7th Avenue in Chelsea. Although it was announced that the Boys were having a rare signing at Virgin Records, Union Square, I thought I would get their photographs at the Stage Door. After an hour wait, I knew it would be about that as their dinner arrived while I was waiting, they emerged. I thought I had a great spot, as I was standing next to their biggest fan who has been following them around the country for their tour, plus is in the fan club, but they were late for the signing and went the other direction at which point I ran over and got this picture of Neil Tennant who was kind enough to pose as Chris was in the van and looked rather grumpy. I told Neil in my blubering, over the top, I love you guys, your the soundtrack of my life kinda way, that the concert was awesome, but I was disappointed they didn't sing NY City Boy, its probably why I got such a strange smile frown out of him. He said well how was Go West, of course that was awesome, but I don't live in the west. Ok from here on out my night goes down hill. After having shot over 1,000 celebrities, with no problems at all, I run into a problem with Chris Lowe. I took a cab to the Virgin record store and arrived before they did. I waited for the van to park, but then they garaged it, who knew Virgin had a garage, anyway, when they came in the store I notice they came through a door in the back on the opposite wall of the Cafe where they would be signing. Now I admit this was 100% my fault, I thought I would position myself first to get an unobstructed view and quickly moved towards the Boys. Well Chris (white hat) didn't want any of that, and basically cover his head saying NO, while some security guard charged me and eventually ushered me out of the store. Thanks to my friend David who chastized the guard when he returned to the Cafe and said I only wanted to take a photo, and are you going to stop all these other people from shooting too. Oh well I feel bad about the situation too, I guess it could be scary to have someone follow you from venue to garage to event. I was just excited to see the boys that defined the Eighties for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's shy! Neil is the wild one. great photo.

10/16/2006 3:19 PM  

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