Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ricky Martin was honored by the Latin Grammy Awards

The celebrities had to walk through the lobby of the Sheraton to get to the staircase or elevators where the party was being held. Surprisingly the hotel allowed the fans and some photographers to meander in the lobby. To the right is a publicist who has now realized that the situation was out of control. After I took this shot I joined the crowd to see a Latino boy band that people were shooting, suddenly a friend said HughE get the shot of JLO and MarcI shot them before the crowd realized they were in the house, but unfortunately cut off her legs, I ready myself to shoot againand was rewarded with this great photo, as they walked quickly towards me (notice Marc looking at me thinking how am I going to get through this linebacker) just as the crowd started to scream her name and rush towards her.rushing in on all sides similarly to the overwhelming crowd last night at the 2 million plus crowd at the Halloween parade. I tried to get out of the way, yelling that I would move and others could take my place, but before I could do anything, I backed into and knocked over the velvet ropes and the darn thing tripped me up tangling my legs and stopping me in my tracks, the bodyguards were very unhappy, pushing me and pulling on my briefcase strap choking me, but that didn't stop me from coming face to face with Marc and J-Lo. I counted the pores on their face, asked if she was pregnant, mentioned that Hughie would be a good boys name, or Hughweena if a girl. Then told her that I just saw her movie "Monster-in-Law" last night and how much I loved it, and in the same breath mentioned that I thought she should have married Puff Daddy he is so much cooler and cuter than Mark, especially up close like this. Ok none of that happened (except I did see her movie last night) as everything happened so quickly and the next thing you know; hmm doesn't it look like Marc has a party hat on?finally the bodyguard found the right staircase and my fear of being trampled by Marc, JLo and the screaming fans, subsided.


Blogger moviemerlin said...

Love the photos of JLo... you got nice and close! Wish you could've asked all those questions!

(P.S. - You make the link on the side sound like I'm a celebrity, with a blog, who's in the UK).

11/02/2006 4:35 AM  
Blogger Sarah B. Roberts said...

Great, great pics! Your best of JLo so far!

(I hope you're shooting the red carpet of opening night of Grey Gardens tonight.)

11/02/2006 7:16 AM  

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