Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tony Bennett Special Tonight - Special Screening in NYC Last Week

See what I do all day when I finally have a few days off, double postings. Just when I thought I would be taking most of the week off to assimilate some of my stuff back into my Philadelphia crib. OK here goes...Not to continue to bash Kelly Ripa, because honestly I have a love hate relationship like her as any "Celebrity Stalker" would have, but the reason Mark is closer to me is I was screaming for Kelly and Mark to pose for a picture. Kelly blew the kids off from the Tony Bennett founded school, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens. The kids were invited to see the screening. Most people stopped in front of us to pose, Ms. Kelly went straight to the paparazzi.OK Elvis Costello and Diana Krall skip the kids too, but they have always been grouchy. Rob Marshall didn't forget us, and one point later he grabbed a kids autugraph book, signed it then walked it over to Tony Bennett to have him sign it. (I got him to sign my Chicago 10th Anniversary DVD CD which I was carrying with me) Tony Bennett and the guy rumored to take over NBC in 2007, Jeff Zucker. Bennett has not remarried, but has a long-term relationship with Susan Crow (born 1966), a former New York City educator. Together they founded (and named after Bennett's friend) the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens, a public high school dedicated to teaching the performing arts which opened in 2001. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Bennett


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