Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Blood Diamond Private Screening - Jennifer Connelly and Leonardo, does he need a last name?, DiCaprio!

The other night I was at a "Peggy Siegel" private screening of Blood Diamond. I have seen Peggy, but she is quick on her feet and I never got a shot of her. This is what the David Columbia of the NYC Social Diary says about her: The Peggy Siegal Scene: A new picture, pre-release, in one of several private screening rooms in Manhattan, filled to capacity with “names,” “somebodys” (all buddies, or could or would be, for at least the moment), followed by, after the picture, a sit-down dinner for fifty or sixty (often with placement at Le Cirque, or the Four Seasons, or the Plaza Athenee or any number of the chicest, or latest, spots in town). Billy Joel's new Uptown Girl - Kati lee Damn that Janet, she let me stand behind her but her head or hand got in the way. Oh well I did get to stand in the press box and that was awesome. Here's Janet's shot of Stephanie March.

Sweet little Emily Rossum. I've written about her before, she grew up in NYC, sung Opera at the Met at the age of 7, speaks 5 languages and is a real down girl currently attending Columbia University. We will only see her on the social circuit scene as she has no movies in the can, but she is now enrolled at Columbia University and has already completed a course in art history, being inspired by her study of Degas in Paris.Star of the show and Janet's head. The photographers often stand on ladders or milk crates, so they are always a foot taller than me.

Peggy saved Leonardo DiCaprio for the inside "invited" press (the outside press, including me, showed up because someone was kind enough to spread the word to us, and since the paparazzi all have press passes, Peggy can't prevent them from getting their shots outside on the "public sidewalk", so instead they work with them and set up a nice press area for them. They were also nice to set up a "Fan Area" too.) Leonardo snuck in through the backdoor to give the "exclusive" shot of himself to the invited few, which are usually photo wireservices like Getty Images and a couple glossy magazines. (Although I hear he did walked boldly down the street with bodyguards, from his hotel The Four Seasons a block away)

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