Sunday, January 21, 2007

Colleen's Surprise 30th Birthday Party

The real surprise was when Mike and I went down to the garage to get our car to go to Colleen's surprise party, there was Colleen in her SUV beeping and waving us over. Yes Colleen lives in our building, but that is not how I know her. I have known Colleen since she was a little girl, she is my sister Crista's best friend. When I moved out on my own I spent a good deal of time visiting mom and dad just about every night at dinner time. Almost like clock work Mom would say, "HughE could you drive Colleen home before dinner?" And for many years Colleen from age 8 and I would have a 10 minute conversation all the way to her house. I am even more thrilled that as a adults, I can continue those conversations anytime I want as Colleen lives only a few floors away. Her family had the clever idea of having the guests hold up faces of Colleen through the years, as Colleen walked through the door to her party. She was surprised, screaming "OMG, OMG"
Colleen greeting her guests Mike, Colleen and OMG somewhere along the way I got short and fat?
It was someone elses' birthday too... Some of the guests got a little wild The only one missing was my 9-month pregnant sister Crista who lives in Boston. Somehow I will be turning the next three pictures into a panoramic shot
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