Friday, January 19, 2007

Philadelphia is growing skyward...

Until the mid 80s City Hall was the tallest building in Philadelphia (40 stories), as the City planners felt they were keep Philly as a city of neighborhoods and didn't want to overwhelm the skyline with skyscrapers. Thank GOD that changed with the building of Liberty One & Two. Now the 57 story Comcast building is under way as you can see on the left. It will be the tallest building between Chicago and NYC, plus it will be the Tallest TOTALLY GREEN building in the Country. I have a front row seat from my office window to watch it grow. (the following photos taken last night)The 60 floor One Liberty Place was the first building to break Philadelphias informal 491 foot height limit, the William Penn statue on top of City Hall. Two Liberty, the shorter tower, was added in 1992 with a more modest design.
The shape of the spire is similar to that of the Chrysler Building which has rounded setbacks. (The very first photo I shot the day I moved to NYC 8/01/05) I don't always agree with that last statement.
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