Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tarzan Opens on Broadway, LAST YEAR!!

OK enough with the personal photos, as I approach my year anniversary of the blog I will spend the next couple weeks to do my best to tell my story of my celebrity stalking and thoughts on celebrities in NYC. Disney Theatrical Productions brings the classic story of a boy raised in the wild by animals to the Broadway stage with Tarzan, landing on Broadway in March 2006. Adapted from the hit 1999 animated film of the same name (with songs by pop star Phil Collins), Tarzan promises to be a high-flying hit! (OK actually this paragraph should be in past tense. When it opened, it slipped by without me writing about it as I was busy with the Spring Fashion Show, which this year opens on Feb 2 with the American Heart Association Red Dress Fashion Show...expect Beyonce and Jessica Simpson)
This event was attended by many of Broadway's who's who, and plenty of professional autograph seekers or "Dealers" or what I like to call them, the "autograzzi's", professional fans who want "photo's with" celebrities, and fan paparazzi's (Simon & I). Here is the front of the Richard Rodgers Theatre at - 226 West 46th Street. When a broadway show opens, there is usually a "red carpet" where the VIPs strike a pose for the paparazzi. Sadly many of the paparazzi's that I hung out with in NYC didn't bother with these events as for the most part no one that "Sells a magazine" ie Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton show up at these shows. Tonight it was different. Enough that the autograzzi's arrived early to claim their place on the "Red Carpet" ok it's green. I will go into much more discussion of these fascinating people, doing my best not to hurt anyone's feelings that I may have met during my 17 months in NYC. Before I got to know some of them personally, I had written a lot of observations in my journals, and now that I know a couple of them on a more personal level, my observations have not changed, but my personal feelings for them have. Unfortunately, Phil Collins wasn't in the mood to stop to sign for them. I on the otherhand was thrilled to get this shot, as Phil walked the half block to the Marriott Marquis for the afterparty. Where we again all waited for another 3 hrs for him to leave, but as luck would have it he left through the parking garage and no one got him. Merle Dandridge an actress in the show arrives for the afterparty, along with... Jean Gambatese, I think?
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