Thursday, January 04, 2007

This Saturday Come to Philly and see The 100 YR OLD MUMMERS PARADE

What is more important to do on Saturday, then to come to Philadelphia and enjoy the 10 hr long MUMMERS Parade (8AM to 6PM.) For the fourth time in the Mummers 105th year history, it rained on parade day (New Years Day) and the parade has been rescheduled for this Saturday Jan 6, 2007. (this photo is from the City Archives)
The Philadelphia Mummers Parade is a beloved tradition that traces its roots to before the city was founded. It is the oldest folk parade in America. The parade is held every New Years Day (weather permitting.) The parade is a day long event. (Hughe2030 Photo)
There are four divisions to the parade: ***The Comic DivisionPrancing, dancing clowns in colorful costumes wield their three-tiered parasols as they "strut" to strains of Golden Slippers. Imaginative floats and presentations satirize everyday life. Comic motifs run the gamut from traditional to contemporary. ***Fancy Division - Ten categories allow individuals, trios and juveniles, as well as Captains and their pages to dress elaborately and outrageously. Accompanied by brass bands, they compete in various categories. Bigger than life floats and frame suits are interspersed with marchers. ***String Band DivisionA central theme dominates music, costumes and presentations of the groups of 48 or more musicians. Plumed and bespangled, they mark time to music, highlighted by the banjo and glockenspiel. Ornately garbed captains join the band in precision drills. ***Fancy Brigade DivisionImaginative presentations are the hallmark of the Brigades. A theme centered around an elaborately costumed Captain is carried out by 35 or more performers in spectacular costumes as they move in undulating formations. For more information about the Mummers, visit their official web site.The last 3 photos from The tempertures will be a record 67F and the mood will be festive as one thing is for sure, we love our MUMMERS and WE LOVE OUR EAGLES!! So why don't you come on down to Philly and enjoy the love too!! (Hughe2030 photo)
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