Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hurricane Schwartz (PHILLY NBC10) Predicts NO SCHOOL WEDNESDAY

Philly - Remember a few years back when NBC10's John Bolaris predicted the "Storm of the Century" and many schools and even businesses closed even before a flake flew; and then PFFTT nothing, barely a blip of rain or anything. Then shortly after that he was banished to NY and their CBS station because of the "end-of-sweeps-month Blizzard Alert". ++++ Today my mother-in-law ran into "Hurricane" at an event where they were both volunteering; she asked Mr. Schwartz about the snowstorm coming on Tuesday, he said that the school children of Philadelphia would have a SNOW DAY on Wednesday. She asked him to put it in writing so she could give it to her grandchildren. I guess "Hurricane" was nervous about making such a broad statement, so he wrote "Day off from school likely on Wed."
++++ This is priceless as I just found it on the NBC10 site+++++
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