Thursday, February 15, 2007

Party Time at Two Liberty Place Philadelphia

I went to a party to celebrate event planner extraordinaire Karen Spiro's 15th Anniversary of her company EVENTures, ( at Two Liberty Place where they are in the middle of converting the top 20 floors of office space into luxury condominiums (Floors 37 - 57.) I wish I had taken a better shot of the panels lit in red, as they had Karen's logo on them, and silhouettes of Liberty One and the Bell Atlantic Bldg. The lighting design was done by Jeffrey Faust at The caterer was the Frog Commissary. Asian Fusion served in these pink plastic take out containers, which was very clever. Crab cakes were served in martini glasses. I hear the dessert was delicious, I didn't even look at that table.The very busy Thom Cardwell of the Philadelphia Festival Executive Director (before there was a Tribeca Film Festival, there was April 5 - 18th) was there as was my good friend Phyllis, Manager, Special Projects, Pennsylvania Tourism Office. One of my best girlfriends Greta Greenberger, Director of the City Hall Tours and master of many talents!! (and her daughter Julia, check her out at the Bobbi Brown counter at Macy's)The views were just spectacular, City hall in the foreground. but I was obsessed with just one view - the 61 story sister building - Liberty One on the right The Mellon Bank building's crown is golden in celebration of the King Tut exhibit currently at the Franklin Institute until Sept 25, 2007 Liberty One, and being built in the background - The Comcast Bldg., soon to be the tallest building in Philly, the tallest bldg between Chicago and NYC and the Tallest GREEN building in the USA. The 57th Floor, seen here, has some amazing views, which can be yours for a mere $15 Million!!


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