Monday, February 26, 2007

Helen Mirren Congratulations on winning the Oscar I told you you would get!

This is an update to an earlier post because I have more info about the people in the pictures and I also figured out how to video edit and add clips to; Some of you may know that I shot a few pictures at as celebrities were leaving a party that was held for the DGA Awards (which her husband director Taylor Hackford is VP; he also directed the movie Ray with Jamie Foxx) at Nobu. A man named Itsi Akins is also a member of the esteemed GDA group. He arrived at the event on his Segway, and was showing it to many of the celebs as they were leaving, in fact I saw Loraine Bracco from the Sopranos try it out and she fell on her ass in an attempt to operate it. Well when Dame Helen Mirren exited the restaurant, she too was curious, and although I warned her that she could hurt herself, thankfully she ignored me and gave it a try. Itsi started out by giving her a lesson, and wallah, she was off and going. I think he would agree that she was an excellent student as he had really had a hard time keeping up with her making sure she wouldn't spill over like the other women.
I really didn't have too many photos of her riding that night, as I partially felt that it was a private moment and I didn't want to spoil it (Thank god I don't have to make a living from shooting pictures or I would be poor) Eventually I took about 4 shots of Dame Helen doing about 2 laps as Itsi assisted her, and at some point I remembered that I could video it with my other camera, which I did at the same time and that is why the video is a bit shaky.********************

After getting these shots and the video, many of my friends WHO ARE professional photographers, told me that these photos and the video would have been worth upwards of $5,000 if Helen Mirren won the Academy Award for the Queen. Some of the photos have been published, but I never sold the video, and I know why, I shot it in low res and Helen is wearing her underwear. Some of these folks were really bent out of shape everytime they saw me, as it reminded them that they should have waited longer and they would have caught these shots. ******** I may have shot it in low res, but sadly Youtube compressed it and its further distored, but you can see what's going on. The Queen riding a segway can be seen here:


Blogger Brad B said...

Wow, Hughe - you probably could get a little cash for all that!

I've always thought Helen Mirren was a stunningly beautiful senior citizen - but I've read where she really downs herself on her appearance.

Once again - good stuff! Oh, and I love how we're "Louisiana Bloggers - Good Family Values" ;-)

2/28/2007 2:47 AM  
Blogger Sarah B. Roberts said...

My favorite post of yours ever. Bravo!

3/01/2007 8:04 AM  

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