Tuesday, February 20, 2007

RADIOMAN, many people outside of NYC probably don't know the one guy that knows all the stars

Hollywood's hot list is nearly endless this week: Leonardo DiCaprio. Helen Mirren. Jamie Foxx. And Craig Schwartz. Better known to New Yorkers as Radio Man, Schwartz is most familiar as the inspiration for Robin Williams' homeless character in "The Fisher King." (which is on the Encore Channel Thursday at 10PM-EST) http://poll.imdb.com/name/nm0144425/ Again this week he is George Clooney's guest at the Oscars in Hollywood. When he arrives he gets the star treatment, facial, new clothes, a nice place to stay, a limo ride to the ceremony and a golden ticket to sit in the audience to watch Helen Mirren, Jennifer Holiday and Eddie Murphy get their trophies. Later he will attend the after parties with Clooney; and for the rest of the year he will share his stories with us.****** Radioman has come to know many of the industry's most elite players, who try to hire him - or at least allow him on set - when they're working in New York. The bicycle-powered guy inexplicably shows up at darned near every NY/NJ film set. Bronx, Staten Island, Newark. He's there.Crew members shake their heads and wonder how in God's name he knows where and when to show up for a meal and news. It's a mystery. And so is he.*********** This is one of the first photos I took of Radioman. I had seen him around town, heard about his legend and randomly shot him. When Radioman isn't starring in some show, he is a professional autograph seeker (autograzzi) to supplement his living.

Although he looks homeless, he allegedly lives in Brooklyn, the extremely dedicated film fan has become a personality in his own right, having appeared in dozens of films and television shows shot around town as a HOMELESS MAN or BUM in uncredited roles, including "The Manchurian Candidate," "The Departed," "Hitch" and the an upcoming Will Smith movie "I Am Legend", which is the remake of the Charlton Heston movie "Omega Man", in "Elf" you see him in one of the last scenes as Santa gets his sleigh airborne and disturbs Radioman who sits up from his Central Park bench.... Here bitchy Lorraine Bracco, who rarely signs for anyone, does at least 5 graphs for Radioman. Outside of Mission Impossible 3 is where I saw my favorite actress Susan Sarandon. It was my one and only time in 15 months to see the New York resident actress at an event. Radioman held court for so long, that I was unable to get a decent photo. He didn't get the hint to leave them alone when they both hopped on the phone. (I'm still bitter) Radioman was there the night I broke the story about Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe's big fight at the afterparty for "Flags of our Fathers" Julianne Ann Moore wanted to know "How many do you want me to sign Radioman? He said I only have 20 more! She signed them all. Radioman escorts George Clooney to his car last DecemberHe chats with Steve Buscemi as Jamie Lynn waits her turn Who is bussing Radioman on this very hot August night Well it's Eva Mendes exiting from a club on 27th Street from the afterparty of "Trust the Man" about six months after my arrival, I guess he saw that I was a regular and he would on occasion give me information of the where abouts of celebrities, he also allowed me to get a posed shot. Radioman became a invaluable source of information, telling me where movie shoots were, where after parties would occur and who was in town (sometimes I would tell him things he didn't know, but that was rare). But with him it wasn't a constant stream of info as he could be moody and at those times you don't want to approach him. NEVER, ever approach him when the Yankees are on. Radioman maintains a movie-production hot line at (212) 714-8045 and a Web site, http://www.craigradiomanschwartz.com/. On Sunday look for Radioman in the audience at the Kodak Theater of the Academy Awards and the Oscars for your sighting of the most infamous New Yorker. And listen to him on XM Radio the Celebrity Channel for his 5mins a day celebrity news and sightings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he is at every premiere i attend!
He is sometimes nice to me and other times you're right, he can be scary to be around. I saw him at music and lyrics too, drew signed for him.
Great post Hughie

2/20/2007 4:20 PM  
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