Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Red Dress Fashion Event

This has got to be one of my favorite events of the Fall Fashion shows. As a fan (and even a few paparazzi's that I talked to) you really don't know who is invited til the last moment and then it's a hodge podge of people. This year was no different. First up is Betsy Johnson in one of her own creations. BJ has always blazed the trail of quirkyness, long before the Heatherette gang, and a penchant for turning cartwheels at the start of any entrance she makes on the runway, although yesterday she fake us all out as she was wearing a long gown that would have prevented a clean landing, as she walked the carpet in the charity fashion show about the awareness of the number 1 killer of women - heart disease. Back from England after a year long run on the West End, Samantha Jones on the runway An American Idol in the house, Katherine McPhee Billie Jean is not my lover are the lyrics heard as Billie Jean King strutted the runway Hands down my favorite dress worn by Marlee Matlin Someone feed Kelly Ripa please
Angela Bassett recently co-authored a book with her husband titled: "Friends: A Love Story" detailing their long relationship as friends before they married. Due: Valentines Day 2007; here she struts her stuff on the Wear Red Day on the runway. Celebrity models joined First Lady Laura Bush backstage (above, from left): Danica Patrick, Mary Hart, Kristin Chenoweth, Camilla Bell, Bush, Natalie Morales, Jane Krakowski, Paula Zahn, Angela Bassett and my girl, Kelly Ripa Dishonorable mention: Rachael Ray - This girl needs a sylist. Her hair is horrible, and the dress is too tight as it squeezes a part of her body that has seen too much OVO to be exposed or flattering to this dress.I think its obvious in this picture that Rach has seen her reflection in the lense and is less than happy with the results. Someone needs to get fired.


Blogger Brad B said...

Oooh, bad Rachael! Katharine McPhee would look great in a burlap sack.

Adrienne's OB/GYN clinic has gotten all proactive about women's heart risk awareness and flooded her with red stuff...I was like, "I thought the red was for HIV/AIDS awareness...that's why I got the red iPod - my hypersensitive conscience wouldn't let me pay the same price for something that would help keep people alive vs. choosing NOT to do so just because I wanted a different color." {shrug}

I saw where you linked us!! I feel so honored. I need to return the favor if I can figure out how to do it!

- Brad

2/03/2007 3:41 PM  
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