Monday, February 12, 2007

Wasn't she the beard for Lance Bass too?

From "The Upper East Side Scene" blog - Sunday, May 14, 2006 Jamie (Lynn Sigler) sat on Lance's lap talking with people in the booth and Lance would momentarily kiss her back in a very sweet, affectionate way. It looked like they were definitely an item and like he definitely forgot to consult his stylist when he chose the hideous leather jacket he was wearing.... and a few weeks earlier I shot this at the Fall 2007 Fashion Show And in todays New York Daily News: So JC Chasez seemed very interested in meeting a particularly handsome young gentleman during Fashion Week. Of course, the poor bastard had to pick a guy who was friends with a gossip columnist. "[His publicist] was like, 'JC is going to be at such and such a place later, and he'd love to hang out with you,' " sez the olive-skinned hunk, who declined to share his phone number. Chasez's rep says he does not recall that conversation taking place. "And if it did, it would just be to hang out in a group, because he's a cool guy, not like a setup," he explained. Snickers bar, anyone?


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