Friday, March 23, 2007

Angie Everhart Red Carpet Premiere of The Unknown Trilogy

HELLO - what's going on here. I watch THE SECRET on the Oprah show and WALLAH I am wishing and projecting myself at lots of PREMIERE's and low and behold I get an INVITE in the EMAIL this afternoon to be the only OFFICIAL photographer at this PRIVATE RED CARPET PREMIERE of Angie Everharts new movie THE UNKNOWN TRILOGY. Damn guess who show's up to reuin my first shot, those damn guys (autograzzi) screwing up my arrival photo...The second beauty I captured this week with Director/Producer local Glendora Guy done good Sal Mazzotta and Supermodel of the World - Angie Everhart, former Playboy Covergirl!! Guests arriving looking fierce
Amanda Lepore, hmm no but it's Linda Axelrod who does Marilyn and Mamie Von Doren impressions and was in this movie. The guys around her are producers. More guests, and AngieBada Bing Bada Bum - I know it's hard to believe but someone from this group was in the Soprano's another in Goodfellows and yet another in Son of the Mafiesto. Some of these guys are in this movie too (its 1 AM I am too tired to look them up; no I didn't just get in, I had to prep all my ANGIE photos for potential PRESS COVERAGE, does anyone want to buy a HOT B-List Celebrity Shot, someday she might be on the Surreal World or if she married Prince Andrew, who she is alledgedly dating, she could be a PRINCESS!!)Is that Angie's sister giving us style? Hmm he could be in the movie
OK this I know, THIS GUY HAS FIVE OSCARS for Scores of movies - Memories of a Gisha, ET, Star Wars, Schindler's List and Jaws!!! And finally Bjork was there!
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