Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Closing Night: 16th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival

Oh what fun I have had these past three weeks. The experience was the cherry on top of loving Philadelphia, once again. As my long time readers know, it was difficult to make the transition when I first moved back from the NYC paparazzi life to Philadelphia's anything. Who knew there was so many exciting events for the Paparazzi Guy in Philadelphia. Thanks to Phyllis Halpern who introduced me to Thom Cardwell who gave me the opportunity to photograph the Festival and other events in these past few weeks. I have now tapped into a new passion for me which is event photography, I really love it and it's just as satisfying as shooting Lindsay Lohan, Reese Witherspoon, P. Diddy, or SJP, ok maybe not Sarah Jessica Parker:) Thom begins the closing nights ceremony. Dressed in a snappy blue/black checkered coat, he continues to lend the Phila Film Festival a glimpse of his unique style and charm Michaela Majoun and Robert Drake hosts on WXPN introduce the winners of the Festival Awards Lisbeth Bartlett accepting one of the awards for Rocket Science, a funny drama about a young boy that stutters who enters a spelling bee. She's has just finished flashing the audience which is somewhat depicted in the film. (I took this shot from about 100 feet away without a flash, I really love this Nikon D80)Judy Toll: The Funniest Women You Never Heard Of (1958- 2002) won an award. The touching and hilarious story of comedian/actress/writer Judy Toll, who struggled and finally succeeded in Hollywood only to succumb to cancer. Here is the director, her brother, Gary Toll and her mother accepting the award. Judy Toll who once said: "My problem with men is that I have this deadly combination of being desperate but picky." The Archie Award, named after Archie Perlmutter, will be presented to the best first-time director of a film at the Closing Awards Ceremony on Wedensday, April 18, at the Prince Music Theater. Here his wife Ruth announces the award.Philadelphia Premiere of Waitress written/directed by Adrienne Shelly (I will be attending the NYC Premiere on April 29 2PM who wants to go?) The WAITRESS: One woman trapped in a life from which she dreams of escape. Jenna's (Russell) secret ambition is to save enough money from her waitressing job to leave her overbearing and controlling husband (Sisto). The film will be Adrienne Shelly's last, as she was tragically murdered in Nov 2006 in her NY apartment, which was just about a block from mine and makes this movie a sentenmental favorite. I LOVED THE MOVIE, the characters and the story. Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion, Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Shelly, and Andy Griffith are amazing. Jeremy Sisto is disturbing. (Move still from film in other words this is the only shot I didn't take)The Afterparty...the best food yet, Philly Hoagie (subs for youse outside the Philly area), Philly Cheesesteaks, ice creamand TastykakesPearl the best volunteer in the City. Actor Michael Molina, director Robert Gaston and Actor Jessica Graham from the movie "2 Minutes Later" see it at the Miami Festival Apr 27 or at the Philadelphia Gay Film Festival in July. Mike, food, drink, beautiful women, he had a blast!! (here he is with Mary Patel)
A new friend Hillary Yasmer Shemin, who also does event photography and Dena Robbins, GPFO and who is married to the Robbin's 8th & Walnut guy with the diamond in the beard. I asked how it was secured, but she declined the answer saying I should ask him. It's a mystery, maybe its a chin piercing, hmm.Sharon Pinkenson cuts a rug with Tigre Hill
chatter among friends, I know I am going to have Mary, Susan, Janice, James and especially Thom withdrawl; As I said to someone last night, I can not measure the personal pleasure it has been to meet so many different and interesting people as I have these past few weeks. My life is that much better now that I know them.Rich Wolff, James, my good friend and clothing cordinator "BuckMonkey" Duggan and the ever glamourous Susan Helfrich (you should see the delicious black laced up the side leather skirt she had on)Did I mention the party was on the 50th floor of the Bell Atlantic Building with a view of my lovely City Hall. I will be resuming my tours this spring with the Philadelphia Landmarks Society, try to make one of the tours, but not the first one as I will be a little rusty. The view down the Parkway I am on vacation for the next week Thanks for all your support andIf I promised you a photo and you didn't get it, I will send it to you when I return. Any requests for photos please send to Notes @ HughEphotos . com (no spaces)
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