Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gail Kamenish: A Great Photographer, A Great Storyteller,

Gail Kamenish the Official Photographer for the Philadelphia Film Festival.
"2007 Philadelphia Film Festival: This year we've hired a photographer to capture the daily atmosphere of the festival - the venue, the crowds and the parties! Be sure to come by and check out the new photos everyday... who knows, maybe you'll see one of yourself! Photos by Gail Kamenish" Gail is an amazing photographer as you will see by the following photos. She hails from Louisville, Ky and has travelled here to Philly for the past two years to photograph the event. My job was to cover the events Gail couldn't make it too, as there were many awesome ones overlapping, we often overlapped ourselves like at the opening party and closing night parties. Personally I don't know how Gail did it, she must have hit at least 5 events everyday, often I was exhausted just reviewing the photos she took.
Lucky me I got into one of Gail's shots. I didn't shoot La Vie En Rose, but I wish I had gotten this shot of the 30 yr old directorMy girl Sharon Pinkenson, and Dermot Mulrey (I wasn't at this party) Here I am with Mary adjusting showing her a photo and being photo'd Kathleen, Mike and Dana at Mary Patel's party Here's one of the shots I wish I had taken. I love the concept and the colors. Maybe you are in one of her shots: ; Here is some of Gail's other work. After she finishes with the Film Festival it's back to Kentucky to shoot the Derby May 5. If you want to complete the picture at an event, you have collect names, pictured here is Gail's assistant doing a great job. As a photographer you try not to disturb people to much to get the job done, you do it, but then to really finish the job you need the names and that is where the hard part comes in as it can't be rushed or you get mispellings and that could ruin the whole experience for the subject that has allowed you to shoot them. Here she is collecting the names at the Kick- Off Party, which was loud, but she is doing a thorough job. If you find yourself without an assistant, collect business cards and write the assigning shot number on the back.


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