Sunday, April 08, 2007

Roy Disney and Leonard Maltin were the guests of honor at this private reception at XIX, Park Hyatt Bellevue.

Roy Disney and Leonard Maltin were the guests of honor at this private reception at XIX, Park Hyatt Bellevue. (This was the After Party before the event, as the Inside Photographer I finally get to see what's going on inside - Yippee) Oysters and shrimp were the food of choice (hmm no pigs in blanket)The room was full of film makers, producers, sponsors and actors (looking cool, networking and wearing name tags [too cool for NYC, but practical])Here is Leonard Maltin (no name tag necessary) with my fav columnist Mary Patel on the far left, and in blue, Ruth Perlmutter (The Archie Award given to the best 1st time director, is named after Archie Perlmutter her husband, a pioneer in the film festival who passed away in 2004)three first time directors James, ?, and Chad Jenkins, A graduate of the University of the Arts, Jenkins began making documentary films under the direction of Dr. Barry Dornfeld. Hmm Mike, well you know happy, food, drink, should be writing down the names of my subjects, but oh well he is awfully cute Thom Cardwell, Ray Murray, the parents of David Boreanaz (or as we know the guy, Dave Roberts Phillys best weatherman for 25years) and Craig Snyder, producer of "Suffering Man" starring Alan Cumming and David Boreanaz. Our next mayor, Michael Nutter, Thom Cardwell and Laura Burkhardt (Publisher of Where Magazine)
Jason Spivack and Rene Micheli (sweet as can be, invited us to a soiree in a few weeks) ?, Roy Disney and the always stylish, Susan Helfrich ( Dawn, the fabulous Monica Malpass, Director Chad Jenkins and my favorite columnist again Mary Patel (Later MM and I had a very long one on one chat; I nervously chatted and mentioned I was nervous (yeah nervous about slipping and saying the wrong thing and making a fool of myself), she said HughE I am a normal person like anyone, I said normal, except I've watch you on the 5PM & 11PM news every night for the last 15 years, she corrected me and said 19 years - LOL (I am so not cool when breaking the fourth wall**) Linda brings glamour back to the Bellevue HotelAfter spending too much time kibitzing with the sweet and beautiful Monica Malpass (seriously we talked for about 15 minutes, she is really sweet, originally from South Carolina and adores her son. Has the nicest things to say about everyone, admires Dave Roberts and Lisa Thomas Laury, and we both love NYC's Roz Abrams), then I ran, literally ran out the door at 7:45PM to shoot Thom giving the Inspiration Award to Roy Disney in a ceremony at the Prince Theater that had started at 7:15PM. Luck was with me because as I ran into the theater he had already presented the award and was still posing for photographs. I got this one and only shot which I think turned out OK. Sure Roy couldv'e looked my way, but he didn't, but I am still happy with the shot.
Then Leonard Maltin began a Q&A with Roy. I wish I had been smart enough to record it as it was very interesting and would have been great for YouTube **The Fourth Wall is a term to describe the invisible wall between the audience and the actors on-stage.
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