Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Beautiful Thing in Manhattan

Two things I never saw before occurred this weekend in Manhattan: Mike and I went to NYC Saturday for the weekend. We got a late start arriving at 2PM. We usually park in Chelsea on the street near where i used to live. Mike went to the gym. I was going to Central Park, but at the last minute I decided to get my haircut. The first place I tried was too busy, so I walked towards the subway and saw another place on 23rd Street. I went in, all 6 chairs were full, and I sat down behind the 5th one. That one turned out to be done first. I sat down, the guy who sat there before me, paid the cashier, then came back to tip the barber. OMG it was my very good friend Dan who I hadn't seen since 1996 when he moved to San Francisco (we lost track of each other in 2000) . What are the chances in all of NYC for all of these things to converge on the little barbershop on 23rd Street, in Chelsea, in NYC at 2PM on a holiday weekend Saturday, it was to say the least a very joyous reunion. We spent a bit of time catching up, and then had brunch the next day at Cafeteria, a restaurant I was never able to get into the entire time I was living in NYC as I always went too late.Then I went to Central Park Where the underpass near Bethesda Fountain was open after a 2 year restoration. It was a beautiful thing.
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