Monday, May 07, 2007

A Busy Sunday for this Paparazzi

First I attended my nephews Wilmington DELAWARE. After lunch Mike and I headed for the Big Apple and an event I have been looking forward to shooting for about 6 months (before the baby was even born) Broadway was all aglow, especially on 45th Street where I headed for Terrence McNally’s "Deuce" which is a wisp of a play, more a conversation between two old friends than a full evening of theater. "DEUCE." Angela Lansbury and Marian Seldes star in the play about the reunion of two former doubles tennis champions.
MS Elaine Stritch. After I took the shot she said she knew it wasn't good and wanted to know if I wanted to take it again. I didn't want to bother her anymore and said no, but I should have because this isn't the best picture of her. Mary Louise Wilson from Grey Garden Did I mention it was a play about tennis: MS Billie Jean King (doesn't she know not to roll up the playbill, especially Opening Nights, those things are valuble, especially signed.It was a gay ole night at the opening, Nathan Lane and Barney Frank. Standing to BF's left was Victor Garber, but I didn't get him in the shot. The crowd at the stage door. (when stage dooring it, I always find that the area closest to the front doors are the most crowded. I go on the opposite side) And as you see I am in the front row on the otherside. Here Angela makes her exit... straight to the car, explaining it's Opening Night she's got a party to go to. Thankfully by this time I had run into my fellow blogger Sarah, who had seen the play and knew where the afterparty was. I ran the block over to Sardi's and wallah after about 5 minutes Angela's car arrived and I got a few shows. She signed for one fan who said he had come over from England (he had the accent, but didn't seem like he had been dressed to go to the play) Marian Seldes walked herself over from the Music Box. I approached her and asked her if I could get a photo, and she said as many as you want to take my sweet young man. Have I mentioned what a class act she is and tonight she looked amazing. Check out Sarah's page for more photos as I email them to her for a more insightful write up. I wish I had teamed up with her last year as she knows the players much better than I. ***The legendary songstress Barbara Cook, who I finally had the chance to gush to about seeing her on stage in Philadelphia with Audra McDonald in February. She asked if she was good and I just about tripped over all my adjectives to describe the performance. Next to her is my friend Sarah, whom I never had met before and who came up to me to ask are you HughE from Confessions of a Paparazzi? Both women look very classy after attending the theater, the way people used to dress to attend. It was fantastic meeting both.
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