Thursday, May 03, 2007

Confessions of a Celebrity Stalker

AN earlier title for my blog used to be that because that is basically what we in this biz are doing, although not in a scary way that it seems to be. OK its 7:33AM and I am waiting for my friend to get ready. We are going to go to the Early Show to hopefully catch Drew Barrymore leave. CBS is an easy place to catch people as the celebs have to walk to their cars about 20 feet from the door. Now please be aware, this is not giving real "stalkers" any info that isn't out there nor should anyone expect the celebrity to be alone, they all travel with an entourage and more importantly, they have huge bodyguards. When going to an event like this all I want to, or what most people want is an autograph, a picture with or like me a decent picture of them that you might see in People, US or some other glossy that is selling like hotcakes now. What would be great is if Drew decided to forget her underwear and had just done a brazillian and for me to be able to capture that shot.....later its on to Regis and Kelly for Kate Walsh and some other guy who's in the Drew Barrymore movie. I know its someone big, I just cant recall at the moment. You see they are in town to promote their movie, and all week long they will hit the talk show circuits to get out the word as much as possible. And DREW will want to be photographed as that will help the movie just as much as these TV appearances.
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