Thursday, May 10, 2007

Did Gloria Steinem miss the memo?

Everyone is going to wear white, and they are going to look forward at the same time!! Then this shot I took would have been awesome. *** Did you notice that the ladies are lined up according to age rt to lft, and their age is also reflected by their style; Lindsay strapless, fashionable dress with 20 year old cleavage tightly encased, Felicity spaghetti straps, and a 44 yr old, tasteful cleavage, with a slinky dress, ok maybe Jane isn't age appropriate, but at 69 she can get away with wearing this hot Barbella type shirt, which covers her arms and shoulders but accentuates her cleavage, and then there's Gloria, at 73 looking like a a cover-up granny, in her sweater set.
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