Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Money Shot...

When waiting around to shoot an event, it's a bad idea to experiment with different shooting modes and testing your auto/manual focusing skills as you may not be ready for the potential MONEY SHOT!! It's stressful and useless to try and compose yourself when the talent begins to show up on the Red Carpet as most photographers are hit with an extreme adrenaline rush trying to capture the image in the few moments before the celeb enters the event.Thankfully none of these had the potential to be the MONEY SHOT!! This is a Money shot:
According to the news, by midafternoon yesterday, X17 had sold the image about 100 times, to CNN, MSNBC and magazines, newspapers, TV outlets and Web sites, not only in the United States but in England, Australia, Sweden and Germany. In New York, the Post and the News each paid about $10,000 for the picture, he said, although smaller news organizations were not required to pay that much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I had shot Lindsey Lohan. Poor thing, reminds me of when I was in College.

5/31/2007 4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Her friend is no friend at all for setting her up.

6/08/2007 4:55 PM  
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