Monday, May 21, 2007

The Drama Desk Awards in New York City

When I first got into the City, I went to a Jerry Herman Tribute Concert at about 5PM, took several photos of broadway legends and stars, then at 6:30PM got a nice shot of 2007 talk of the town Broadway Star, Angela Lansbury. She was amazingly gracious signing for the 5 autograzzi's who handed her photo after photo (damn why didn't I bring my Opening Night Playbill). But I did get this great shot of her right before she went in. I was really surprised at how able bodied she was for someone that is 81. Well more on that event later this week since today's blog entry is about the Drama Desk Awards.
Tonight was the 52nd Annual Drama Desk Awards. Someone described it as the Golden Globes of the Tony's, and I would have to say they are right on the money. It was much more relaxed, less pretense and it you wanted a photo or autograph with your favorite Broadway star, it could be had. I attended both the pre-party and the Red Carpet Arrivals at the F.H. LaGuardia Concert Hall in New York City. I didn't try to get credentialed, meaning have my photo agency call and reserve a spot, but I still managed to get some fairly good shots.
Raul Esparza looking more dapper than anyone has the right too. I told him how I enjoyed him in Company, but held back on the OMG it's a bit depressing. Although to hear "Being Alive" in it's original setting was well worth the sadness of facing life alone, or in an unhappy marriage. Ashley Brown from Mary Poppins. OMG Loved her in Beauty and the Beast, love her in Mary Poppins, how ever did she achieve that accent.
And her Dick Van Dyke counter part, Gavin Lee as Bert, this British actor has been with Poppins since it premiered in Bristol, U.K. in Fall 2004, and his lovely wife, actress Emily Harvey. Christine Ebersole, who they say is a shoe in for a Tony for her portrayal of Edie Beale in Grey Gardens, another sad story. I don't know if you can see this, but TR Knight has a little lipstick on his check. He told me that homophobe Isaac Washington will only be back next season on Grey's Anatomy, if he agrees to become Dr. George O'Malley's lover, ok wisheful thinking, only kidding, we really didn't talk he ran out of the place so quick I could barely get a good picture. On to the F.H. LaGuardia Concert Hall for the ceremony and Red Carpet arrivals. I think when you have a big set-up camera, external flash and such, no one questions you when you make your way to the Red Carpet to find your place among the other photographers. First up is Kevin Spacey, who is enjoying his stay in NYC, but says there were a lot of crazy people who hung around the stage door in England.Bebe Neuwirth , she always seems cold. OK what does her dress look like?Donna Murphy tied with Audra McDonald for Best Actress in a Musical. I did have a quick chat with Audra telling her how I had seen her in Philly a month back, and she was fabulous. I didn't say to her how sad I was to hear her father died in an accident 2 weeks ago. Frank Langella. I remember him from the Dracula movie, Superman Returns (2006) and he dated Whoopi Goldberg. I am sure he is remembered by others differently. A little Hollywood comes to the Great White Way...the very pregnant star of King Kong, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber, who was nominated for best actor in a play for Talk Radio. Thanks to my friend Sarah, who I met doing this blog, who was a big help tonight, again, with identifying people I would have no clue about. You can find those people on her site, I shared. Endless Pursuit of Entertainment/


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