Wednesday, May 30, 2007

GRACIE breaks barriers

Reading Philly's gossip column, Dan Gross at lunchtime, I saw that Andrew Shue was in town to promote his new movie Gracie, which opens Friday June 1, between 12 & 1PM. As a recent habit I have been carrying my paparazzi camera to my day job just in case something like this popped up. I ran to City Sports, where the signing was being held, and flashed my agency issued "Press Pass" and was taken over to the PR person in charge. I had seen her at other events, and she is a very professional, no nonsense gal. She allowed me a few minutes with the stars and the following pictures are the results...I gave her my card, I hope I can get on her PR list instead of having to rely on the gossip columnist in Philly. Gracie, starring Carly Schroeder, is the story of a young pioneer for women playing soccer. "Carly didn't just audition,'' Andrew Shue said. "She made it clear. She came in and said, 'I'm doing this part, and I'll tell you why.'" The film opens June 1. Andrew Shue searched for years for the title star of Gracie. When a character is based on your sister, you tend to be picky. But Carly Schroeder could have saved him the trouble. "I had the script two years before they cast the movie," she said. "And as soon as I read it, I thought, 'This is the perfect girl part for me.' " By the time she was cast, she'd even grown to the character's age of 15. It's at that age that fictional Gracie tries joining an all-boys soccer team at a New Jersey high school in 1978.The same course was taken as a teen by Shue's sister, Oscar-nominated actress Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas). Gracie, opening Friday, is inspired by her story, and also by the accidental death of their soccer-star brother William in 1986.Indeed, the film is a family affair. Alongside Dermot Mulroney as Gracie's father, Elisabeth plays her mother. Her husband, Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth), directed. He, Elisabeth and Andrew also served as producers, and Andrew played a soccer coach. (I hate when the flash blows out part of the poster, and this is the only one the publicist allowed me to take as she felt I had taken enough of their time as it was) An Indiana native, Schroeder moved with her family to Los Angeles when she was 6 and for the next five years played Serena Baldwin on daytime soaps General Hospital and Port Charles. She then joined Lizzie McGuire, starring Houston-born Hilary Duff. Thanks to Title IX initiatives — efforts to enforce federal gender-equality laws in education — and to Elisabeth "breaking down the barriers," her school soon formed its first girls soccer team.
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