Thursday, May 03, 2007

I forgot the sacrifice one must make to get their shots in

oh my body hurts, its been five months since I really did celebrity sightseeing. OK here's what I did today 8AM - CBS Morning Show - Drew Barrymore - Scored, 8:45AM; Ran to GMA just missed Kate Walsh, but caught Marcia Cross coming in to do a pre-tape as she was originally scheduled to appear but was bumped for Kate Walsh. Got an alright shot of MC. At 9:30AM ran to Regis & Kelly, got a good shot of Kate Walsh leaving, plus Eric Bana, Kelly Ripa and Regis. Then a nice walk through Central Park with a few friends. At noon went to one of my favorite soap operas and got a good amount of photos. Simon went to Hawaiian Tropics and met the current Playmate who signed and posed for photos, I chose to skip that event. We then ran to Letterman at 5PM but found out that he did an early taping at 3PM, so we went to the 92nd Synagogage to catch someone that I really admire, really awesome get. Then to 57th and 5th Ave for a Loius Vutton store opening and got just the best shot of a little lady that was dubbed the "It Girl" in 2006 by Woody Allen of all people. Then went to the afterparty of a movie starring Mia Farrow, Zach Braff and Amanda Peet, Amanda wasnt there as she went home to attend to the baby, personally I didnt realize she had delivered the kid already. Next it was 11PM, I was in so much pain, and my friends were ribbing me that I was out of shape, I used to have the most stamina, ok I probably did do more than most of them today, but OMG my legs and back were so pained that I almost didnt make it to the Color Purple to get an autograph and photo from Fantasia.


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