Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In Defense of Liza Minnelli

Tuesday Liza was in town for a charity fundraiser, what else the women is an icon and has helped raise a lot of money for many causes. I knew she would be arriving about 4 PM for rehearsal for the 7:30PM show, but you know I have a day job and well it pays the bills. I am now glad I wasn't there as I would have had a dilema. I heard she was wonderful to the fans signing things and chatting with them, but there was one photographer who took a few unflattering photos, which are now making there way around the web. My dilema would have been would I shop a photo that was excellent as far as a "Gotcha Moment" or would I have used my better sense not to mock a celebrity that I really care about. I would hope the latter would have won out. He on the otherhand sold a photo to the local newspaper, and then the others to They are now featured on and I am sure by tomorrow it will be on oddles of other sites. Am I mocking her now by listed the blogs, or am I reporting news, I don't know what do you think? Last week when I was up in NYC shooting a few events, someone referred to me as the "Gentleman Paparazzi", defining me as someone who really respects the boundaries of celebrities and when they say no, well I don't take their photo. Although I was flattered, I realize I probably don't sell as many shots as they do. (Today my blog is featured on and for a more classier reason, thanks my friends for the recognition)
***Here's Liza after she performed at a Katrina Benefit on Broadway last year. It was the first shot I took of Liza after moving to NYC.
You have seen this one, I knew Liza would be at an event and I waited by the ashtray as I knew she would be jonesing for one at some point. Liza did her make-up in her car on her way to appear on the now cancelled Tony Danza Show Liza supporting her friend Ben Vereen at the premiere of his movie Idlewild And finally a shot you never saw, in December I was walking by a restaurant just as Liza came out. Me being the crazy Liza fan just had to ask for a shot, she also signed the 10th Anniversary Chicago CD that I was carrying around because I was planning to get someone elses 'graph. She was beyond willing and we shared a good chat about Philadelphia, Mike Douglas and the Phillies. I begged her to come and do a concert as I knew it had been a long time. She said she would soon. You might wonder did I attend the concert, no, the tickets were $750 and $250, I draw the line at $200 and besides I was counting on the advertised Red Carpet that never materialized!!
Anyway, I really hope she doesn't see those nasty photos that will remind her of her trip to Philadelphia and decide to stay away for another 18 years. Liza come back to Philly, don't make me fly out to the Luxor or drive to Jone's beach to see you this year!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's news, she should have put her face on before she exited the car.

5/17/2007 9:21 AM  
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