Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jessica and John: The Bennifer of 2007

The MAC Gala is held annually the first Monday in May. Photographers line the steps of the Metropolitan Museum in NYC to capture the arrivals and departures. I arrived in NYC just in time for the departures. To the left is the line up of the photographers, in the center is security. Not since J-Lo and Ben Affleck were together have I seen such pandomania over a couple before, ok maybe Brangelina elicits such mania too.Jessica Simpson and John Mayer exited the event, but refused to stop to be photographed together as they departed. When they reached the bottom of the steps and went left towards their SUV it set off an amazing domino effect. The photographers at the bottom ran out to shoot them walking to their car, which in turn has every photographer on the line run out to get the same shot (imagine gazelles running from lions, or in this case lions running from gazelles), this action completly emtied the [photographers] pen. The PR Head tries in vain to get the paps to back off The cops try the same thing, the crowd shouts, "just one shot of both of you and we will leave you alone!" Someone in front of me took this shot of John asking Jessica what she wanted to do.
They attempt to locate the car, and determine how far up the block it is. John points to it, everyone in this shot has moved slightly, but Jessica is still a deer in the headlights They determine its too far and head back up the stairs, and eventually out a different exit. John holds his head, overwhelmed by the crush of photographers Jessica too and then they broke up a week later.
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