Wednesday, May 16, 2007


started out my afternoon by taking a walk to City HallIt was there I spotted Mike holding a Vote for Nutter banner, which he did for 3 hrs (Mike is on left, and smiling, cant you see him?) I arrive at what I knew would eventually be the VICTORY PARTY for Nutter.
I ran into a lot of old friends, new friends and my favorite Republicans - former Mayoral Candidate Sam Katz, and one of the best film makers around Tigre "Shame of a City" Hill. Tigre Hill is currently working on a documentary about the Daniel Faulker and oh I hate to say his name so I won't. Tigre also changed parties just to vote for Nutter, Katz probably didn't! Thanks to Tigre for taking me up to the VIP Nutter Party. Its there where the major donors, campaign staffers and friends hang out drink and eat for free. Unlike the worker bee/press area which is in the main staging area where I am normally relegated . Sure they feed us, but it is a cash bar and $4 for a bottle of water is outrageous. This is the shot as Nutter sees the filled to capacity ballroom of supporters cheering his name. (I really like this shot) Nutter hugs a supporter (Well I like this one too, look at the happy faces)Shakes a handhe is finally on the podium (Confessions: Sure I wish I had gotten better shots of him on the podium (like this one on the Inky site ), but to get that shot I would have passed up the shots above which for me really tell the "Rest of the Story", the behind the scene shots. Then I would have had to fight my way to the front, and by this time it was almost 11 and about 120F in the room. I was happy with what I had gotten by this time) Congratulations !!!Mike says it's time to call it a night and he was right, as we got home about Midnight. He so balances my ying.
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