Friday, May 04, 2007

The Mike and Juliet Show

I just got back from the Mike and Juliet show where I saw a few people, but more imporantly have gather a handful of stories to tell in the coming posts. As I was hanging around after the show, chatting with Simon and a few friends, I was approached for a segment that will be screened on Monday. They asked me three questions regarding relationships and exes. Straight off the bat I answered with a funny response and they were clapping and laughing, but then it went all down hill from there as I got stage fright - look at the interviewer, be clever, how does my hair look, OH I HATE TO GET MY PHOTO TAKEN, I am the photographer!! The 2nd and 3rd responses were textbook concise, but not as funny. But hey thinking about it later I thought of better answers, but figured they were on to their next interviewees and I didn't bother. The show is on FOX, I know but 15 minutes of fame, is 15 minutes of fame - LOL, anyway Monday 9AM. Today I am taking it a bit more easy, I am exhausted, I forgot how hard it was to chase celebrities for an entire day. But I did see 7 celebs by 10AM today, plan to catch two more at lunch, then lunch with Simon and Katie, then home to an event in Philly tonight, Saturday hang with Mike, Sunday family thing, then back to NYC for 3 days of events and content for the blog. Thanks for your readership, I will post a few things this weekend.
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