Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Today is Primary Day in Philadelphia - COAP Endorses Michael Nutter

Sen Dwight Evans - Please Stay in the Senate where you have more powerCongressman Bob Brady has it in for Knox. Please don't vote for either one of those slimy creatures. Some of my friends who know Brady, say his a nice guy, but is unrealistic on how things are done. Others who know Knox, say he's a bully, and when he doesn't get his way is known to throw TATRUMS. Philadelphia needs an adult to correct our problems. Someone went as far as hiring a plane to fly over the City attacking another candidateOn my way home from work, Chaka Fattah was at 15th and Market as one of his campaigners broke the law by taping signs to the light post. Isn't this against the law, I think it is Chaka. Vote for Michael Nutter, the best candidate. 2nd hand smoke is almost a thing of the past since his Bill was finally made into a law. Anyone who consistently speaks out against LOSER MAYOR STREET, has my vote. Michael Nutter, not part of the Democratic Machine, but his own man, his own Democrat - VOTE MICHAEL NUTTER for MAYOR!!
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