Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's A Full Moon, It's A Wierd Time For Me and

I have spontaneously returned to NYC for four days to get a celebrity fix. Stay tune next week to see who I saw, what occurred when I saw them, and Confessions of a Paparazzi. (Today is three years since my dad died in an accident, so I like to do something a little crazy to get through this day; Last year I followed Tom Cruise throughout NYC and was featured on Gawker for the first time - see the archives for the photos under May 2006) * ****DREW BARRYMORE INFO HERE Ok I have been here for 3 hrs and these are the stories my friends have told me so far. When Drew Barrymore arrived at the stage door of David Letterman, she was bitchy and ran in ignoring the fans and paparazzi. Then when she left she posed and signed for the fans. As if that wasn't enough she got in her car and left with the paparazzi in hot pursuit. As the paparazzi were taking lights (going through them), Drew's car sped up. Finally she pulled over, and the next thing the cops are there on the scene. Drew was then able to take off with no paparazzi's in pursuit. An hour later my man on the street got a call. Drew was eating dinner at Buddukan in the Meatpacking District. A few people ran over there. As Drew was leaving she said, OK I will pose for a few shots, if you promise to leave me alone. (She should have defined how long alone was). And that was that.


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