Friday, June 29, 2007

Christine Ebersole Arrives At the Tony After Party

"Ms. Ebersole, Ms. Ebersole, Congratulations, could I get a photo?" Ahh no response, as she was in a hurry to attend the Tony After Party at the Rockefeller Rink Restaurant I thought to myself. Pictured here assistant#1 is carrying her Tony (11:44PM) Tony winner John Gallagher congratulates Christine as she arrives at the top of the stairs to the party. I'm waiting patiently to find the right time to ask them both to pose. Christine starts fussing with her earrings. They are now removed, I know I am never going to get that shot. I know she won't pose without them. Were they bothering her, is someone bringing a new set, why did she take them off I wonder? Turning around to acknowledge the congratulations, still ignoring me
but a fan walks right up and askes for a photo, maybe I will get my shot. Now her other assistant is holding her Tony. A Closeup with no earrings. She's so beautiful, even if she is ignoring me.Congratualations!! No really congratulations, I want your attention, I am grabbing your wrist, pay attention to me. I think, maybe I should go closer to her and try this method. Still talking (11:53PM) it's getting crowded with well wishers, what is she waiting for, I am so far away, I think. How am I going to get the money shot for the night (11:54PM)
Oh there's her first assistant who she arrived with; I guess he went down and scoped out the place for her. Here he is reporting the layout to her. (11:56PM) Finally at 11:57PM she makes her entrance 12:06AM Christine Ebersole leaves the party from the VIP entrance on the opposite side of the entrance. She literally walked through and went out the otherside. I am sure she was off to attend the Grey Garden Party at some fancy joint with Mary Louise Wilson. I never did get that money shot!
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