Friday, June 22, 2007

7 Seven Minute Sopranos - a "whacked out" refresher

I never did watched an entire episode of the Sopranos (or Friends, or Seinfeld), but I did watch the final minutes of the finale so I would be in the know the next day hanging out at the watercooler. To get me up to speed, before the Finale Day or Tony Day I like to call it, and not because of Tony Soprano, I watch this YouTube clip by palgy83 that summarized in a clear, concise and hysterical way the first six season. 7 Seven Minute Sopranos - a "whacked out" refresher .

I then watch the last 10 minutes of the finale just to experience the hype. Personally I thought it was a genuis way to end a show. I too was cursing at the TV until the credits rolled - LOL Here's Entertainment Weekly's take on it: Not since Seinfeld has there been so much discussion over a TV show's depiction of ''nothing.'' Sopranos honcho David Chase's decision to use an ambiguous black screen to close out one of the most epic series in TV history has some singing his praise for refusing to close with a cheesy Hollywood ending and others cursing his name for keeping them guessing — possibly forever. The debate rages even here at, as evidenced by this point/counterpoint between managing editor Jay Woodruff and associate editor Annie Barrett.,,20040769_20040772_20042148,00.html

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