Thursday, July 26, 2007

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of The VH1 Perez Hilton Show (Do Not Attempt to Look at these Photos While Eating)

Mostly because we have to be subjected to him and, his gross appearance and his vile antics (I can already tell I am going to have nightmares from these photos). I do believe this show will be the death knell of Perez. Has VH1 "Jumped the Shark" with this new "reality" show? What MTV did for Madonna's career, will be the exact opposite for Perez Hilton. I'm not saying I don't like reading his blog, I just don't want to be subjected to seeing him. Most gossip columnist are at least a little easy on the eyes, but not Perez, he's a bit repulsive.
For someone that criticizes others for how they look, I do believe his criticism is misdirected Recently I heard from someone on the production team that they are only shooting a half dozen episodes because there is not a lot of content for the show (now these photos prove it to me). My source went on to say that Perez is very insecure, anal and neurotic (sounds like a lot of control queens that I know), and that filming has been difficult because of all the reshoots. Basically it's a nightmare. She doesn't expect the series to go beyond the planned 6. So I guess Perez better stick to his day job, especially if he is going to pay off all those lawsuits.
VH1 should have checked out Youtube before they signed this loser to a show.
(Flynet) Owns these photos, if they want them removed I sure will. I read about this first on: Although the content of this blog is my own opinion.
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