Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July Marathon of Parties, Friends and Fireworks

First off we attended the Jesse & David 14th Annual and Last Fourth of July Party in Chestnut Hill, Philly, PA, as they are moving to Miami 7/7/07 to open a B&B Donald Carter was festive as usual. A Philadelphia rarity, an openly gay black republican. He once appeared on Bill Mahr's TV show. Mike, fellow Fairmount neighbors Michael and Phil Jesse's feisty mom and her talented granddaughter Stephanie Walters who will someday be dancing and singing on the Great White Way Thank God for the tented space as we had afternoon downpours Yum Spinach Dip, who doesn't love a good spinach dipThanks to Jesse & David, we met our good friends, Center City's Chip and Henry at one of their partiesWhile we were at the pool party, the visiting Katie and Simon from NYC did the touristy thing. Here they caught the descendant's of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence posing in front of the Liberty Bell with the Governor and the loser Mayor who probably has an Iphone in his pocket.Then they visited the new Franklin Park where there are sand sculptures of King Tut and templeWhen Mike and I returned to the City, we caught a bit of the parade that passes in front of our building. It wasn't raining downtown yet... Here are Miss Philadelphia and Miss Pennsylvania in happier timesThen it rained The main stage where Patti LaBelle and Hall and Oates would perform later in the daymost spectators were prepared for the rain At 8PM we all hooked up. Joining us was Greta and Alan. We were to be a travelling band of party hoppers. First stop the pool/fitness center for a bit of chatter (Oh by the way I recently started or to write about, er well Philly Chit Chat.) Brits Zoe and Megan enjoying the festivities despite the occasion, America's Independence from Britain (Simon enjoyed being around his people, and the cockney accents went wild)The party hosts at the pool at the PhiladelphianThen it was off to Patty's party on the penthouse floor (Granddaughter Izzy) Sadly the folks enjoying the concerts, were getting soaked After a bit we were off to Genie's pad also on the penthouse floor she's in blue. Many of her guests were her friends from the Philadelphia Ballet where she does fundraiser work. There I ran into the exquisite Frannie Segal, who would only stay a short bit as she was having her own shindig at her place After initially announcing the fireworks would be cancelled at 11PM, and sending most folks packing, who had just endured a lighting storm, pouring rain for 3 hours and the threat of a tornado, The City reversed it's decision and gave A-OK at 11:20PM (Thank god I had turned on the news and saw they were having them. I ran back to Genie's party to catch the show. Don't they know how to read a damn weather radar, clearing was obvious in the short distance!!) and went off for the TV viewing audience and the Philadelphian Condo folks Simon took this great shotGreta and AlanSimon and KatieThe guests line Genie's balconyThe finale was much more beautiful than this over exposed shot
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